The Neberon's 2023 Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Gift Ideas For Every Winter Occasion

2023/11/21 20:01:20

With great deals across Neberon technical heated gloves, You'll discover the perfect gift that will keep everyone toasty-warm during the winter. Gifts they want, savings you'll love.

IRVINE, Calif., Nov. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Tis the season of joy, but finding the perfect holiday gifts can feel like navigating a festive labyrinth. Warm clothing is crucial when spending time in cold climates. To further enhance your comfort and enjoyment in the cold weather, don't forget to keep your hands and fingers warm. People may think choosing the best gift for hands in winter is a piece of cake - just get a pair of gloves.  While high-quality gloves are great, heated gloves elevate warmth to a new level.

The Neberon's 2023 Holiday Gift Guide The Best Gift Ideas For Every Winter Occasion
The Neberon's 2023 Holiday Gift Guide The Best Gift Ideas For Every Winter Occasion

Whether you're heading to a snowy resort, alpine summits, or other types of cold-weather adventures, heated gloves are the perfect choice. Especially for winter sports enthusiasts who venture into remote backcountry, sometimes even risk life or death gloves are not just about staying warm; they also need to be waterproof and capable of keeping hands dry and breathable or else could lose limbs out there. The key to finding the perfect gift lies in being curious about their interests and activities. That's why we're introducing the best gift of the year – the Neberon FW23 Pro Series heated gloves.

Neberon is now the 'New Born' leader in technical heated apparel. In fact, the Neberon FW23 Pro Series stands out as one of the best heated gloves on the market this winter. Crafted with the industry-leading eVent® fabric that prioritizes breathability, Neberon heated gloves outperform other materials in terms of breathability. Coupled with best-in-class military-grade waterproof protection, they ensure dry comfort in a wide range of conditions, offering a waterproof breath of fresh air for optimal reliable warmth and comfort.

The gloves' unique structure and 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation effectively provide high-level warmth, ensuring your hands and fingertips stay consistently warm even at -5°F conditions. With a quick 3-second heat-up time, these gloves provide up to 8.5 hours of continuous warmth. Unlike regular gloves, the medical-grade heating wires are evenly distributed from the back of the hand to the fingertips, ensuring optimal warmth in every part of your hand. With Neberon Palm2Tip™ technology, hands are no longer fire and ice, but are now protected from all directions by a warm all-roundness.

Neberon eVent® collection:
Best for Overall and Valued: Neberon Pro Heated Gloves
Ratings: Insulation 9/10    Flexibility 8/10    Waterproof 10/10    Heating 10/10   Durability 10/10
Ideal for: Skiing, Motorcycle Riding, Ice Fishing, Dog Walking, Hiking, Camping, Raynaud's Disease, Arthritis

Best for Extreme Cold: Neberon Pro Heated Mittens
Ratings: Insulation 10/10   Flexibility 6/10   Waterproof 10/10   Heating 10/10   Durability 10/10
Ideal for: Snowboarding, Shoveling Snow, Dog Walking and Snow Blowing, Raynaud's Disease, Arthritis

Best for Hunting: Neberon Pro Three-finger Heated Gloves
Ratings: Insulation 9/10   Flexibility 8/10   Waterproof 10/10    Heating 10/10   Durability 10/10
Ideal for: Hunting, Skiing, Motorcycle Riding, Ice Fishing, Dog Walking, Raynaud's Disease, Arthritis

Deals Price: $109.99
Technology: eVent® Waterproof | Direct Venting™ | 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation | Palm2Tip™
Batteries: Lightweight | Rechargeable 7.6V Lithium-ion | 149℉ Max | -40℉ Available
Design: Anti-slip palm cushion | Handcuffs | Pull tab | Touchscreen compatibility | Windproof cuffs |Anti-lost Buckle| Cuff Drawstring with Snow Lock

Interested in a slimmer fit? Nebeorn heated glove Liners are an excellent choice, designed to fit your world. Crafted from premium Lycra fabric for a lightweight, snug fit, these gloves heat up in just 3 seconds and provide up to 8.5 hours of continuous warmth. The unique heating design, extending from the cuff to the second finger joint, sets them apart. Your hands and fingers will be cozy-warm — but not at all clammy.  At -14°F, the fingers and the back of the hand share the same temperature. Many users are big fans of the thin design, they are easy to operate car screens, smartphones, and other electronic devices.  The tips of the thumbs and index fingers feature a touch-compatible material, so there's no struggle to text and take pictures. Gloves are used daily, lasting three years without damage.

Best for Everyday: Neberon Pro Heated Glove Liners
Ratings: Insulation 6/10   Flexibility 10/10   Waterproof 2/10    Heating 10/10   Durability 10/10
Ideal for: Driving, Motorcycle, Dog Walking, Cycling, Hiking, Riding, Running, Outdoor Photography, Raynaud's Disease, Arthritis

Deals Price: $89.99
Technology: Palm2Tip™ | 2X Touchscreen | Cutting-Edge Heating Technology
Batteries: Lightweight | Rechargeable 7.6V lithium-ion | 149℉ Max | -40℉ Available
Design:  Lycra fabric | Full-Palm Non-Slip | Anti-lost Buckle | Adjustable Velcro & Wrist

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