Igniting Cold Resources with a Thriving Ice and Snow Culture in Changchun Jingyue High-tech Industrial Development Zone

2023/12/4 19:15:29

CHANGCHUN, China, Dec. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Changchun Jingyue High-tech Industrial Development Zone is dedicated to cultivating a vibrant ice and snow culture, igniting enthusiasm in cold resources, and emerging as a new driving force for economic development in Northeast China.

With the arrival of China's new snow season, the Jingyue High-tech Industrial Development Zone in Changchun, the capital city of Jilin Province, is enhancing the content and extension of its ice and snow culture.

Leveraging local unique resource advantages, the area continues to strengthen its ice and snow economy, bringing warmth to the cold resources and injecting new development vitality into the harsh winter season of Northeast China.

This winter, the High-tech Industrial Development Zone's ice and snow cultural construction revolves around the theme "Passion for Vasaloppet, Charm of Jingyue." The 22nd China Changchun Jingyue Lake Vasaloppet International Skiing Festival, starting on January 4, 2024, serves as the mainline, constructing three major sections: "Ice and Snow + Sports," "Ice and Snow + Culture," and "Ice and Snow + Economic and Trade."

The activities include "Vasaloppet Night," the "Northern Spring City Fantasy Light Show" at Changchun Agricultural Expo Park, ice and snow car rally races, and other significant events, offering 19 ice and snow cultural feasts for domestic and international visitors.

Situated in the southeast of Changchun city, Jingyue High-tech Industrial Development Zone is located in the world's golden latitude for ice and snow. Surrounded by water on three sides and forests on all four sides, the area enjoys a pleasant climate with a long snow season. Having developed its ice and snow resources early on, with well-established transportation and facilities, it has trained over a million university students in cross-country skiing.

Twenty-one years ago, Changchun Jingyue High-tech Industrial Development Zone established a connection with the Vasaloppet Skiing Festival. China became the fourth country to host this international event after Sweden, the United States, and Japan. The inaugural China Changchun Jingyue Lake Vasaloppet International Skiing Festival in 2003 kicked off in the Jingyue Lake National Forest Park.

The High-tech Industrial Development Zone, driven by ice and snow sports, has propelled ice and snow tourism, economic and trade activities, becoming a pioneer in the construction of the ice and snow cultural tourism industry in Northeast China and marching towards becoming a world-class ice and snow brand city.

The Changchun Vasaloppet Skiing Festival, coupled with comprehensive economic and trade negotiations, has established itself as a crucial platform for urban investment promotion and international cooperation. With over 300 economic and trade projects signed, the cumulative contract amount has reached billions of yuan.

Through the creation of a captivating ice and snow culture, Jingyue High-tech Zone aims to promote the high-quality development of the ice and snow economy, contributing solid strength to Changchun City's three-year tough battle for comprehensive revitalization.